dry indoor air causes great discomfort

De-Vent adds moisture to the air and restores a comfortable humidity level in your home

Indoor humidity levels vary by season, and dry indoor air leads to physical discomfort while potentially damaging woodwork and flooring in your home. De-Vent provides a low maintenance/energy efficient solution through its innovative design, humidifying your home when you need it most.

  1. Contemporary Design

    De-vent features a stylish modern aesthetic that integrates the wood or tile flooring that surrounds it. The flooring is installed as part of the vent allowing for a near seamless blend with the rest of the room.

  2. integrated humidifier

    Style meets function with De-vent’s fully integrated humidifier. Our low maintenance/cost-efficient system features a humidifier that is activated by your home’s built-in heating and air conditioning system.

  3. Easy Maintenance

    Through its simple design, De-vent is easy to use and maintain. Each vent features an easily accessible refillable tank, as well as access for duct cleaning.

Available in Two Colors

Silver (Anodized Aluminum) and
Black (Powder Coated)

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